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           Applied Arts / Designer

Janet Haigh 

I am a freelance designer-maker, applied artist, crafts-woman, whatever you want to call me – I stitch stuff by hand. Fabric, metal, porcelain, my work is various, it depends whether I am working for myself, in a group with other artists or to commission.

For the past 22 years I have simply enjoyed the views over the Bristol Channel, which flows past a salt marsh just beyond the garden wall of the house. But about a year ago I started to make notes of the early morning and late evening skies looking towards the Welsh hills; just lists or stripes of colour, the marsh, the water, the hills, the sky striations of clouds. From these notes I made pastel studies and in the evenings I photographed the sunsets - well just after it had set - as the afterglow lights the underside of the clouds in warm gold and pink. Now I am developing a series of large enamel panels stitched together to evoke these wonderful skies.

Janet Haigh