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Stephen Jacobson RWA

"Simple images capture my imagination, I paint the everyday scenes and objects that surround us but which we overlook or take for granted. Someone once said of my work that I “was looking for heaven on earth” and I suppose to a large extent they were right; you will see no decay or signs of ageing in my paintings, I am seeking a sense of order and an underlying essence of the things. I believe there is a joy to be found in the simplest juxtaposition of the elements that we find in the world. I am disinterested in the use of paint as a personal expression; I try to retain a sense of anonymity and remove any obstruction that may cloud the vision of the viewer.

Since moving to Portishead over 20 years ago, I have found unexpected source of imagery, this semi rural coast has been a revelation, most notably the vastness of the skies. These have been a feature of my latest work and I have been incorporating them into my view of the world I am trying to represent.”

Stephen Jacobson RWA