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Catherine Belohoubek Janet Haigh  Stephen Jacobson  Hilary Kington   Teän Kirby   Dawn Sidoli  Alfred Stockham

           Inspired by

The Severn Sea

Is the Severn Sea real or a place of the heart and imagination?

It is the area of estuary between the Second Severn Crossing, down to Brean Down and Lavernock Point. A great funnel, where powerful rivers reach the sea, separating two nations. Known as Môr Hafren to the Welsh. A place of vast tidal lands.

Home to Arthurian legends. The poets, Tennyson, Coleridge and Wordsworth knew it’s mystery and beauty. The bluestones from the Welsh mountains crossed over the Severn Sea on their journey to the mighty Stonehenge. Cabot sailed here first, on his expedition to the New World. Ned Teach left Bristol over these waters on his way to become the notorious pirate Blackbeard! This is the haunt of Nodens, the Romano-British God, hunter, healer, source of inspiration and fecundity, also known as Cloud-Bringer!

This semi-mythological place that reminds us of the transience of all things is our inspiration.
And we like rivers from their source
Through cloud and shine, by deep or shoal,
Must follow that which draws our course,
The Love that is its guide and goal;
Of life, of death, you made me free,
Waters and hills of Severn Sea!

By Severn Sea, Sir Herbert Thomas Warren, 1892